We have selected the best routes and tours around the Thermenhotel Stoiser and Loipersdorf Spa for you.

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Motoric path

The motoric path along the Spa Loipersdorf. Along the motoric path you can prove on sport scientifically tested devices your motoric skills. Improve your coordination and actively do something for your body.


1 km - The energy of stones: The "Krafthügel" consists of 20 power places with a total of 44 boulder stones from Waldviertel granite. Especially the stone table lends itself to soak up energy and strength.


hiking tours

Keltischer Baumkreisweg

2,5 / 4,4 km - A growing character: You cannot imagine to have something in common with a tree? Then explore the “Baumkreisweg”, which is not far from the Thermenhotel Stoiser. The Celts saw in trees different characters and divided the seasons into tree-times. Get to know your character tree, your date of birth will lead you back right away.

Handspurweg Unterlamm

12 km - A path of contemplation and relaxation: You will enjoy a fabulous panoramic view, learn interesting facts about nature, people and history of the region. Tip: Visit of the Lourdes grotto in Unterlamm.

Kreuz und Quer Pfad

17 km - History and stories: About 20 roadside crosses, shrines and chapels line this scenic route. Each place has interesting and exciting stories to tell.