Whether teambuilding, adventure or culinary excursion - this and much more is possible.

Ready for adventure?

Our partner, Retter Event, is a professional event agency. Teambuildings, company outings and entertainment are offered.

Das Offroad Erlebnis


Experience an adventure of a unique kind! Divided into two large groups, one half starts off on an off-road adventure and the other half, the jungle team, begins with exciting special tests!

Drive through almost impassable terrain and experience no-hold‘s barred action! Regular changes of driver guarantees variety in the team! The special tests are also no piece of cake. Test your fear of heights by box climbing and demonstrate your marksmanship in archery.

Walking barefoot on burning embers


The Firewalk is a one-of-a-kind and transforming experience: walking over a carpet of fire made of burning coals without getting burned. With mental preparation together in a group, each participant can reach the Alpha state where it seems the impossible becomes possible. The experience of joining all forces to overcome personal limits welds the group together.

Things always happen when you least expect them!


According to the "official" information for your guests, they are taking a bus this evening to a cultural event. Then, suddenly, halfway there the bus strikes and won‘t start again. Smoke billows out from under the hood and it smells of sulfur - the guest hurry to get off the bus. What now?!

The Medieval Taste Experience!

Middle Ages Spectacle

The end of the day can best be celebrated in an easy-going group by a rich Knight‘s Banquet. Enjoy this medieval spectacle in one of the many castles of Austria. Let yourself be transported back to the time when rough (table) manners were the order of the day.