Lifebalance á la Loipersdorf

We support the people in leading an active and positive life. With us, you can clear your mind! Our size is our advantage. Because it means more space for the individual and all the little somethings to be discovered here.

With and charm are part of us, like the thermal water is part of the spa. Like the dousing is part of the sauna experience. Here you may have a laugh – out loud, too. That’s contagious. And is one of our biggest strengths. We love the region and its traditions. This corner of the earth gives us power and energy.

Perceptible throughout the spa is the emphasis on creating balance in your life based on the 3 areas of ”letting go”, “experiencing” and “revitalising”.

“Letting go” in order to achieve mental fitness, “experiencing“ sports activities and having fun and finally “revitalising“ with a healthy and balanced diet.

Life balance à la Loipersdorf decrees that we can only live in a balanced and healthy way if we attend to these three areas. This is why Loipersdorf Spa offers a varied range in all areas.

Life Spa

The Life Spa offers plenty of scope for letting go, experiencing and revitalising for people thirsting for action but also for guests whose ultimate wish is for peace and tranquillity. There’s a lot for guests to discover – young and old – both indoors and out.

For the adventurous there’s the Funpark with its five spectacular slides*, an indoor water play park made of wood and the babybeach – great experiences for all generations. Adventure World and a spacious open area offer loads of additional attractions.

For example you can chill out in the Spa Lagoon which extends outdoors, or in our Sauna Village or by enjoying a treatment chosen from our extensive range of therapies. Whether alone or as a couple, in a group or together with the family – if it’s peace and quiet you long for but don’t want to miss out on a piece of the action, you’ll find it here!

à la Loipersdorf

Added value

We are not just concerned about our guests’ wellbeing. We are also concerned about the wellbeing of our representatives and this is why “health in the workplace” is an important factor here! As part of an overall comprehensive health project we see it as our duty to encourage health-oriented thinking and doing in the workplace and to effect ongoing improvements, in partnership with colleagues.

My Schaffelbad

There is no place where it is easier to let go than in the oasis of calm ,,my Schaffelbad”. 8500 square meters just for me! In the terraced area you will find 14 relaxation pools rich in variety, and just as many saunas as well as numerous whirlpools, a natural pond, kneipp creek, and a biotope.

Unique Sauna Enjoyment for Naturism Enthusiasts
To entirely give free rein to relaxation, there are numerous pools and relaxation areas where you can stay without swimwear.

For those inquisitive minds that are curious where the name ,,my Schaffelbad” comes from: A small excursion into the Austrian dialect makes clear that the word ,,Schaffel” means a large container, in which in the past people did not just do laundry, but they also swam in it. Today you will find a safe haven and a wellness oasis with typical regional flair in the Schaffelbad in Loipersdorf.

Loipersdorf Spa


Prices for hotel guests
Dayticket adults € 33,30
Adults from 4 pm € 20,10
Adults from 6 pm € 18,-
My Schaffelbad € 45,30
Kids till 2,99 years free of charge
Kids 3 - 5,99 years € 11,30
Kids 6 - 15,99 years years € 22,40