A variety of saunas and steam baths includes the generous sauna area in the Thermenhotel Stoiser.

It strengthens the immune system, relaxes the muscles, activates the cardiovascular system, detoxifies and stimulates the metabolism.

Time seems to stand still. A place of tranquility and sensual well-beeing. Do something good for your body and enjoy a relaxing time during your spa vacation in Loipersdorf at the Thermenhotel Stoiser.

Wood stove sauna 80°C

The gentle breeze of a summer wind, or the tingling cold of a winter's day. Our outdoor sauna brings you into direct contact with nature. The refreshing and purifying effect of sweating in the sauna due to the high temperature and low humidity. Listen to the crackling of the wood in the oven and enjoy sauna in its most natural form.

Infusion sauna: 80°C
Humidity: max. 10%
Infusion times: every ¼ and ¾ hour

Herbal bio sauna 50 - 60°C

The herbal bio sauna has a maximum temperature of 50° to 60°C and a humidity of approx. 55%. The herbal steams combined with warmth and humidity are beneficial in a natural way. The mild temperature warms the body very slowly and provides an agreeable climate for the skin. As a visit to herbal bio sauna does not involve a steam shock you may stay as long as you feel comfortable. This treatment is extremely kind to your cardio-vascular system.

Temperature: 50 - 60°C
Humidity: 55%

Herbal steam bath 42°C

The herbal steam bath has a maximum temperature of 42°C and a humidity of 100%. The steam is enhanced with essential oils. A steam bath is ideal for the respiratory tract and for respiratory diseases in particular. It is beneficial to the skin and has a detoxifying effect. We particularly recommend the steam bath if you suffer from a cold. Your symptoms will disappear immediately!

Infusion sauna: 42°C
Humidity: 100%

Sauna atrium & outdoor relax pool

In our sauna Atrium you will find yourself in a wind- and view protected courtyard. In this world, between inside and outside, you can soak up all year sun, light and fresh air, surrounded by bamboo, enjoy the outdoor showers or let it go really well at the relax pool.

The ascent of water vapor and the light reflections under water underline the special of this place. Evaporating water that rises like mist with reflections of our underwater lights. Enjoy the pool, the special atmosphere of this special place. Relaxing alone or laughing with friends - here is everything possible in every season.

Tepidarium 37 - 39°C

Both our longing for safety and our need for warmth and light are satisfied in the tepidarium. Heated walls radiate a mellow warmth, creating a constant room temperature of approx. 37° to 39°C. The body will begin to gently perspire. Equipped with a towel and with or without swimwear you will soon forget the hassle of everyday life, enjoy the peacefulness, listen to meditation music and just simply feel good. Essential oils lightly scent the air. This strengthens the cardio-vascular system by improving the blood flow in the vessels and increasing the blood circulation around the heart. It stabilizes the body’s immune system.

Infrared sauna

45 % of solar energy consists of infrared heat. These heat rays bring health and well-being. Therefore, they were also always been used successfully in medicine.

  • Sweating: regular sweating, the body is liberated of harmful waste products and toxins.
  • Cardio Workout: with infrared whole-body treatments you achieve a passive workout effect to your coronary arteries and your circulation.
  • Veins: the low temperature makes the treatment very safe.
  • Body weight: regular treatments help to control the weight better and can therefore also be a valuable aid in connection with weight loss cures.
  • Beauty: infrared cleans the skin pore deep and also stimulates blood circulation. Many institutions use infrared heat very successfully for the reduction of cellulite.
  • Immune System: Regular infrared treatments boost your immune system.

Kneipp pool

Kneipp therapy is defined as the change between cold and warm water. Kneipp therapy activates the immune system and is used for toning the venous system.

It is each time a test of courage, because so voluntarily, no one put his feet in a basin of cold water, right? The priest Sebastian Kneipp knew no mercy, as he tried water therapy on his patients. Resilience is the ultimate goal in the Kneipp therapy to strengthen the forces of resistance and boost blood circulation. The reward after surviving the test of courage is the refreshment you will feel the whole body, and which you scarcely want to miss. We promise!


Here you will find in every season a place in the sun. Ideally suited before summer. So that your holiday starts without sunburn. A visit to the solarium causes simply a positive mood. "Tanning in the solarium", which is often our motive. But we forget the benefits to health by UV rays:

  • Increase of the resistance against infectious diseases
  • positively influences the autonomic nervous system
  • boosts the oxygen and mineral metabolism
  • enhances the calcium storage in bones
  • creates the essential vitamin D3

The solarium is set to 10 minute. If you are already pre-tanned, you can go twice in a row. You receive the solarium chips at the reception desk in the lobby and health centre.