The grotto’s unique micro climate is comparable to a salt mine inside a mountain and known for its health-promoting effects.

It cleanses the airways, refreshes the skin, stimulates the metabolism and improves your general well-being.

Spending time in the salt mine is particularly recommendable in the case of colds and psychosomatic illnesses, but also for neurodermatitis and acne. A mere 25 minutes in the salt grotto have the same effect as a three-hour walk on the beach and release new energy for body and soul.

A salt grotto with precious minerals from the Himalayan mountains. The salty air has an anti-flammatory effect on respiratory infections. Relaxing on loungers, with calming music and pleasant lighting, you breathe the pure, ionised air.

Noticeable improvments are attained for: 

  • allergic and cronic bronchitis
  • allergic sinus inflammation
  • hypersensitive respiratory tracts
  • skin condition

Reservation: Reception desk in the health centre

Duration: 40 min.
Price: € 9,-