Indoor pool 32°C

The pleasant water will do your body good. Dive in and let your thoughts wander far.

Thermal water whirlpool (36 – 38°C)

The water in the thermal whirlpool contains medicinal salt and is highly mineralized with sodium, chloride and iodine. It is particularly beneficial to the musculoskeletal system, increases the blood circulation and makes your skin wonderfully smooth.The use of this pool is not recommended if you suffer from acute infections or hyperthyroidism.

A special tip: Do not use the shower immediately after leaving the thermal whirlpool but wrap up in your bath robe and let your body enjoy the effects of the salt.

Outdoor relax pool

Evaporating water that rises like mist with reflections of our underwater lights. Enjoy the pool, the special atmosphere of this special outdoor place. Relaxing alone or laughing with friends. Everything is possible in all seasons.

Outdoor pool (May – September) 26°C

As compensation to the warm pools, the cooler water in the outdoor pool invites to swim a few laps.

Relaxation room „Träumerei“

Take advantage of the beautiful views in the lovly nature to daydream.